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Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 15+ Years' Experience

Hi! I'm Alicia...


Throughout my professional career, I have always been a BADASS!! 


The one person everyone goes to for support and leadership anyone from CEO's to Customer Service Representatives. What makes me such a worthy person of this title simply lying with my strengths as a  problem solver, a quick learner and having the innate ability to listen and dive deep into what is needed for projects, processes and people management. I'm also a goal driven determined woman. Think of me as the wonder woman in the Online Business Management world.


 Just like Wonder Woman, I am a heart centered, compassionate and strong. As a business consultant I work best with other heart centered entrepreneurs with a growth mindset, compassion for others and the drive to leverage their business. 

My personality profiles are as follows:

Enneagram - 9 "The Peacemaker"

Strength Finder - 

1. Consistency

2. Harmony

3. Input

4. Adaptability

5. Responsibility

Kolbe Index A- 8-4-3-3

DISC - Examiner - S - Steadiness

16 Personalities - ISFJ-A "The Defender"


I fully support and advocate for Black Lives Matter, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ rights. I welcome all genders, all identities, and all people.

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